Saturday, July 22, 2006

Newer Poster? Of Peter revealing the symbiote suit?

Oh my God! You see that over there to your right-hand side? Well my friend Oliver has found some Spidey 3 posters, 2 I have seen before and this one which could be real or not. Looks cool? Well there's no doubt that this is a teaser poster for Spider-Man 3. But I could be wrong if I'm not mistaken. This could've been photoshopped from some big Spider-Man movie fan that got Tobey's new look from SM3. Meaning new look that his hair. Looks new? Well that hair due is from the upcoming movie, y'know so it might or might not be official but still looks awesome. Here you can talk about it (meaning add comment of what you think of it). I say it's cool and looks official. Some people say it's official....but who knows? Special thanks to Oliver Henaine for the picture.

(Click image to enlarge)


spiderman1313 said...

it lookz koolz

Oliver Henaine said...

Here Oliver (the one who send the foto) im here to tell you spider-man fans that this is authentic, is a real poster from the newest Spider-man 3 you can check it on well thats all.