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Elizabeth Banks discusses Betty Brant

A new entry has arrived today with actor Elizabeth Banks talking about her character Betty Brant for the upcoming third installment, Spider-Man 3. To view click on the link below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006's New Message Board

Yes, today the Message Board has arrived. Now you can talk about all Marvel comic heroes such as Spidey. Click on the link below to view the message board and make sure you join and post, post, post!

Production Update

Producer Grant Curtis has updated the official Spider-Man 3 weblog with a new entry. Click on the link below to read/view the new entry.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Composers Announced

Source: Activision

August 29, 2006

Activision, Inc. announced today that award-winning composers Chance Thomas ("Peter Jackson's King Kong," "Lord of the Rings" series), Cris Velasco ("God of War") and Mark Griskey ("Best of LucasArts Original Soundtrack") have scored the upcoming, critically-acclaimed Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game. The trio has produced over 50 minutes of original music for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, including arrangements for multiple game levels, the in-game cinematics and the Super Hero™ and boss battle themes.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is Raven Software's highly anticipated action/RPG that allows players to create their Marvel dream team from the largest roster of Super Heroes ever in an epic quest that will determine the fate of Earth and the Marvel Universe. With over 140 popular Marvel characters and a playable cast of more than 20 Super Heroes, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade and Captain America, gamers will embark on a dangerous journey across exotic terrain and well-known comic book locations like Atlantis, the Shield Heli-Carrier and the Skrull home world in an attempt to defy Dr. Doom and the world’s most notorious Super Villains.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance will be the first Super Hero game available this fall for all next-gen gaming systems. Additionally, the game will be available for current-gen consoles, handheld and PC platforms, and carries a "T" (Teen – Mild Language, Violence) rating by the ESRB.

Spider-Man 3 Audience Tested? No!

Source: Sony Pictures

August 29, 2006

We've received numerous e-mails over the last few days from fans wondering about all the reports that supposedly Spider-Man 3 was already tested in front of an audience, which said the movie needed more action.

It all started with an interview with James Franco (Harry Osborn) posted by MTV in which the star said that he would next be doing "re-shoots on 'Spider-Man.' " He revealed that director Sam Raimi had put out the call for "more action."

The Irish press (like this article) then added their own little twist to the story, saying that the reshoots were happening because "test audiences complained the movie was lacking in action." We figured it wasn't true, of course, since they were referring to the MTV article, but then the mainstream North American press started picking this up as well.

So, to put any worries to rest, and debunk the rumor, we contacted Sony Pictures. An executive confirmed to Superhero Hype! that no testing has been done on the film and that these reports are not accurate.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Site Update

Source: Activision

August 24, 2006

Activision has updated the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance website with two new features - a new V.I.P. section and a Team Builder option.

Those who gain access to the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance V.I.P. community will receive insider access to the developers of the game. In order to become a member, players can either pre-order the game via Electronics Boutique or GameStop or ask one of their V.I.P. friends to invite them. Exclusive V.I.P. assets will include wallpapers, a living screensaver that updates itself when new characters are revealed and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and character trailers. It will also give V.I.P. members the chance to win cool prizes, including a poster signed by Stan Lee or an Xbox 360. Those who pre-order the game in order to become a V.I.P. will receive a cheat code to unlock Silver Surfer as a playable character. For more information, go here.

The new Team Builder option on the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance site is now live. It allows gamers to select their team, place them against a cool background from the game, give them a personalized name and then create a wallpaper of their Marvel dream team. They can then share their wallpaper with their friends to view. Characters that they use to create their teams from will be updated as more and more characters are revealed in the game. For more information about the new Team Builder option, go here and select "Team Builder" from the main menu.

New Spider-Man 3 Trailer this Fall

Source: Sony Pictures

August 24, 2006

Spider-Man 3 producer Grant Curtis has updated the official Blog with an update on the anticipated third installment, including when we will see the next trailer:

In regard to the next time you will get a glimpse of the movie, please know that we will have a trailer coming out this fall. Although I am not at liberty to say when exactly it will hit the theaters and internet at this time, I can tell you that I have seen a rough version of it and I am confident that you are going to be blown away. It is an incredible piece that showcases the full scope of the picture, both in terms of the gripping story as well as the groundbreaking visual effect shots. Be patient, it's going to be worth the wait.

We suspect that it will be in theaters with Sony's Casino Royale, the studio's biggest fall movie opening on November 17. For more of Curtis' update, click here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Exclusive: Matthew Paul on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Source: Superhero Hype!

August 24, 2006

This November, Activision will launch Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS2, Xbox, PC, PSP and GBA. The all-new action/RPG features the largest roster of comic book characters ever seen in a video game. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance features a deep, rich gameplay experience by offering total team customization, where players create their own team name, icon and vehicle, as well as establish their team reputation as they play throughout the story. Gamers also have the option to level up each character individually to their liking, or all team members at the same time to keep their heroes balanced. With the game's new combat system, players battle against the world's most notorious Marvel Super Villains in the air, underwater, and on the ground, using grappling, blocking and dodging moves, by charging up their superhero powers before unleashing them, and using environmental objects as one and two-handed weapons.

Superhero Hype! caught up with Activision Producer Matthew Paul recently to talk about the anticipated game:

Superhero Hype!: "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" has the largest roster of Marvel superhero characters ever in a videogame. Can you let us know how many characters are in the game and how many are playable?

Matthew Paul: In "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance," there are over 140 total characters in the game and more than 20 playable Super Heroes. Each of the playable characters also has at least four different costumes and that's not included in the numbers above. So, I think it goes without saying that there is a huge amount of variety in the game.

SHH!: Who are the favorite characters to use around the office? Do people stick with the big names like Spidey and Captain America or are there some surprising favorites?

Paul: Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine are of course big favorites. I think that everyone thinks they always have the best character regardless of who it is, because you are able to make the characters your own. I usually pick Ghost Rider, but Human Torch is my alternate for certain situations that require flying. Dr. Strange is also really cool and has some awesome powers.

SHH!: Our audience is REALLY into comics, can you tell them how you came up with a story that features so many characters from different Marvel worlds?

Paul: Actually, the core of the story for "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" wasn't that hard because of the number of good heroes, villains and moments in the Marvel universe. The hardest part was trying to pick all the best parts and fit them into a story that we could finish in our lifetime! The story is a combination of the basic plots of Secret Wars and the new Secret War and major comic book moments in Super Heroes' individual stories. We then placed all of that within a few great environments that will be familiar to every Marvel fan. We even had Marvel editor C.B. Cebulski help us craft the story so that it stayed true to the Marvel canon. It's been a real fun, but grueling process keeping everything straight, but at the end of the day we're sure fans won't be let down.

SHH!: So what's the story of the game? We've seen a little about Dr. Doom and Galactus, but what's the overall reason for all of these heroes to come together? Is it something big?

Paul: Well, if you watch our opening cinematic, the heroes learn that Dr. Doom is attacking Nick Fury's helicarrier. Fury calls in the heroes to help him defeat Doom but they soon learn that Doom has a secret motive for attacking the helicarrier. The heroes then have to search for the reasons behind Doom's attack, which begins this epic quest. I can't give out more information than that or I start giving away all the plot twists. Uh oh…did somebody say plot twists…I think so.

SHH!: How are you using the power of the next-generation consoles to bring these Marvel characters to life?

Paul: It was our goal from the very beginning to use the capabilities of the next-generation to add life-like details to the characters in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance." When you look at Captain America, you can see the chain mesh in his costume. Or for the Thing, his body really looks like weathered stone and rock. The details also come out in the environments and in the Super Hero powers. At times, you feel more like you're watching a blockbuster Super Hero movie as opposed to a video game because it looks so real.

SHH!: How different will the Wii version be compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions?

Paul: The Wii contains much of the great content found in the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it also has a unique set of controls that are both intuitive to use and make you feel like a hero yourself. We've added icons to the game to teach the player how to use the controls, and for most people, "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" will just be pick up and play.

SHH!: Online play was a great addition to "X-Men Legends II." What are you adding to the online play of "Ultimate Alliance" to keep fans up late at night?

Paul: You can play "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" from beginning to end with up to four players. However, we've gone a few steps further by adding new ways to play, including one player being the hero and other players being the villains in certain missions. There is also an alternative game mode where players still have the same goal of completing the story, but they are ranked against other players in the game. The player with the best stats at the end of a mission wins a bonus to take into the next mission.

SHH!: Can you tell us about the ability to customize each playable character? Why is this important to gameplay?

Paul: Each hero can get equipment, upgraded powers and stats as they level up. The big customization in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" is in the many unlockable costumes. Each costume is more than just a cosmetic difference - the costumes contain their own unique stats and powers. For example, you might prefer to play as Spider-Man in the black costume over Spider-Man in the red and blue costume because of the special powers in the black one. It all depends on how much you want to manage each character, and also the teams of characters.

SHH!: What locations can we expect to see in the game?

Paul: "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" sends you all around the Marvel universe and beyond. From Nick Fury's helicarrier, to the underwater city of Atlantis, to the Skrull homeplanet and even Murderworld, players and Marvel fans will definitely appreciate being able to finally visit these places in a great action/RPG video game.

SHH!: Tell us about the branching storyline and how that might change the progression of the game for players.

Paul: There are many key decisions that the player has to make in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance." One, for example, is to save Prince Namor. If you do so, not only does it change the mission and how you beat it, but at the end of the game, we have an epilogue cut scene system that dynamically changes to reflect the choices you made throughout the story. There are many more decisions, and each of them helps piece together how your epilogue cut scene will play out once you've passed the final boss battle. So you can go through the game multiple times, make different choices at each point, and get to see the different ways you are able to affect the overall Marvel universe.

SHH!: Are there any plans yet to add new levels or characters by downloads after the game's been out?

Paul: Our only goal right now is to get "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" done. But, if there were ever a game that had a ton of content to pull from, it would be "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance." I'm sure we'll evaluate additional downloads once the game is finished.

SHH!: When the game launches this fall, who will be on your four hero team?

Paul: I'll be playing with Human Torch, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Elektra. Who will you be playing with?

Visit the game's official website to determine what your line-up will be! You can pre-order Marvel: Ultimate Alliance at Amazon.

Humby Spoils His Spider-Man 3 Scene

Source: Bad Taste

August 23, 2006

Bad Taste got a chance to talk to Baxter Humby about the Spider-Man 3 set photos that he had posted on his official website:

A few days ago, kickboxing world champion Baxter Humby has published in his own website a few shots taken during the shooting of Spider-Man 3, where he was wearing the Spidey costume in a scene with Sandman (Thomas Haden Church). I wrote to Humby, hoping that he could answer a few questions about this experience and his wonderful career. He was so kind to reply and telling us, among other things, why he was chosen by the Spider-Man 3 production and describing the scene he was involved in (spoiler).

You can read what he had to say here.

Spider-Man 3 Reshoots?

As tonight when I was watching Attack of the Show! on The Feed: Layla Kayleigh mentioned [Sam] Raimi (Director) is going back on Spider-Man 3 for reshoots of making more action into it. Will it turn out good? Talk about it here or at the link below. Thank you for reading :).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Franco on Additional Spider-Man 3 Filming

Source: raym c. hensley

August 22, 2006

MTV talked to Spider-Man 3 star James Franco (aka Harry Osborn) about the film:

"The next thing I'm shooting?" series star James Franco said over the weekend. "Re-shoots on 'Spider-Man.' "

Revealing that director Sam Raimi has put out the call for "more action," Franco said he's being called back to the set of the blockbuster. "Probably next month," he added.

You can read more of the interview at the link above.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Spider-Man: Battle for New York Coming this Fall

Source: Activision, Inc.

August 21, 2006

Activision released the following announcement, which includes word on the upcoming handheld game, Spider-Man: Battle for New York:

Activision, Inc. is delivering big-time fun to the palm of gamers' hands this fall with a diverse line-up of titles for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, Nintendo DS™ and Game Boy® Advance platforms. Players will experience the untamed West in GUN™ Showdown, gear up for high jinx and hilarity in Over the Hedge™: Hammy Goes Nuts!, swing into action in Marvel's Spider-Man™: Battle for New York, and relive classic console gaming in Activision® Hits Remixed, the ultimate compilation of Atari 2600 games.

"Today, handheld gaming is more popular than ever before and our fall line-up is reflective of gamers' unique tastes and interests," said Will Kassoy, senior vice president of global brand management. "Whether they want to experience new adventures with popular Super Hero and movie characters or relive their earliest memories of gaming, we're delivering top quality entertainment experiences."

In Gun Showdown for the PSP system, players shoot, knife and dynamite their way through a free-roaming action adventure set against the backdrop of the old West. As a gunslinger working both sides of the law, gamers will dole out vengeance and showdown against corrupt lawmen, a murderous preacher, a renegade army psychopath, and merciless outlaws. The handheld experience includes new wireless multiplayer and quick-play modes, PSP system exclusive missions, and gameplay features. Gun Showdown is rated "M" ("Mature" – Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Use of Alcohol) by the ESRB.

Spider-Man: Battle for New York allows players to take on the role of their favorite Marvel Super Hero, Spider-Man, and one of his famed nemeses, Green Goblin, in an original storyline which builds upon their legendary comic book rivalry. For the first time in a handheld Spider-Man game, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance players can personalize their experiences by choosing what abilities and powers to upgrade and when, such as Spider-Man's web maneuvers or Green Goblin's fire attacks, as they progress through the game. Playing as both good and evil, gamers will experience levels packed with frenzied action, in-depth combat and a host of unique super moves as they embark on the ultimate quest to save New York City from almost certain disaster. Spider-Man: Battle for New York is rated "E10+" ("Everyone 10+" - Cartoon Violence) by the ESRB.

Over the Hedge™: Hammy Goes Nuts! is an all-new adventure based on the woodland creatures from DreamWorks Animation's hit film "Over the Hedge." Fan favorite Hammy the squirrel leads RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle and all-new forest friends on another daring trip into the 'burbs. When Hammy's beloved cable TV goes out, his buddies have to scramble through the neighborhood to restore the signal—and Hammy's happiness. Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts! for the Nintendo DS is rated "E" ("Everyone" – Comic Mischief) by the ESRB, and the GBA version is rated "E" ("Everyone") by the ESRB. The PSP version is not yet rated.

Activision Hits Remixed lets PSP system gamers relive the dawn of home console gaming while on the go by delivering over 40 of the biggest Atari 2600 titles, such as Pitfall, Kaboom!, Chopper Command, Stampede, Keystone Kapers, to the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. With the game's multi-player supported classics, players can choose whether they want to game together utilizing a "Game Share" feature that allows two friends to play together using only one copy of the game or take turns on one PSP system or play via the game's wireless functionality. Activision Hits Remixed also features a rockin' 80's themed soundtrack, modernized front-end graphics, classic game manuals which include tips and photographs, and a host of retro unlockables. The game has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

Spider-Man 4 Script

Hey everyone, I am making a Spider-Man 4 script which is just for fun. Showing what might happen after Spider-Man 3. It looks good so far right now. I'll show it later after I'm not writing it, ok? Cya!

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Newer Layout

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog. Like my new layout? Talk about it here. And no, this time I did not steal any layout from a different/another blog.

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Raimi and Church Surprise Fans in NY & London

Source: Sony Pictures

August 16, 2006

Sony Pictures has updated the official Spider-Man 3 movie Blog which shows director Sam Raimi and Thomas Haden Church (aka The Sandman) surprising fans in New York and London (via simulcast) to premiere the new Spider-Man 3 trailer and hear the fans reactions.

Just click the link above to watch the clip.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Watch the Spider-Man 3 trailer event

Today a new entry was posted on the official Spider-Man 3 movie blog. Sam "The Man" Raimi (director of Spider-Man, and Evil Dead 2) and actor Thomas Haden Church (George of the Jungle 2) arrived at Londan to show the trailer and ask what they think about the upcoming film, Spider-Man 3. To view the video click on "Link" that is located below this entry. Thank you for reading and do enjoy the video as well. :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Spider-Man 3 Set Pics Online!

Source: Superhero Hype!

August 14, 2006

IMTC World Super Welterweight Champion Baxter Humby, who was born with only one hand, has posted new photos of himself on the Spider-Man 3 set on his official website.

If you click on "about baxter" and then "films," you can view five photos of Humby in the Spider-Man costume for a scene with The Sandman (Thomas Haden Church). Just click "next>>" to view them all.

Spider-Man 3 hits theaters and IMAX on May 4, 2007.

Friday, August 11, 2006

David Garber on Framework's F/X Work

Source: Alice Chapman Newgen

August 11, 2006

It takes a lot of talented people from various sources to complete the creation of a film, commercial or trailer in the media. Visual effects play a large part in the world of entertainment. Framework, a company that specializes in producing visual effects, was founded by George Cawood two years ago. Cawood was trained in design and went to film school. He worked for trailer companies doing graphics before taking on the position of chief creative director with a company called New Wave Entertainment. He worked at that job for about six or seven years. His display of talent became evident over the course of time. Framework is the end result of Cawood's hard work and dedication in the business.

David Garber is the executive producer of the company. His background is in art and architecture. Warner Bros. became interested in Garber's creative ability when he was a graduate student at Yale. They suggested that he should move to California where his creativity would be an asset in the entertainment industry. It has turned out to be a very interesting and satisfying venture for the Pittsburg native. Garber's position at Framework exposes him to all kinds of artistic endeavors.

The company specializes in main titles, sequences, teaser trailer graphics, and titles. Another facet of the business includes DVD content material, graphics, menus, and alternate media, which involves video games and graphics for web based programming. Framework also has plans to become more involved in the making of commercials.

It is Garber's job to make sure that every project gets done in a professional and timely manner. Putting out quality work on a tight deadline can be stressful, but Garber enjoys the challenge. Having a good responsive design group with a lot of self-starters in the company makes his job a little easier.

Garber said, "We just did the 'Superman' feature that's being released that has a 'Spider-Man 3' trailer showing with it. 'Spider-Man' will be coming out next year. We just did what they call a teaser trailer, which means the film hasn't been shot, so there's not any actual footage from the film. We have to entice everyone with things are either created, or borrowed.

"What we did for this opening for Sony was starting very--very macro inside almost a red plain, where you're not sure what it is; it could be on Mars. And then moving across the silver shapes and seeing words and titles and graphics that come up that tell us about the character, creating a mood that is built in silver and reflecting the reds, and then, slowly, we pull back and we see that these are geometric shapes on a red field. We see a sort of dark oil-like liquid ooze into the red and change and take over the red and turn it into a black material. At that moment we pull back and realize that we have been inside the Spider-Man's logo on his suit. Then we pull back more and we see the whole logo and we see the suit. We pull back even more and we see that it's Spider-Man sitting on top of a spire on a gothic church in a lightning storm.

"That was interesting. There we combined 3D graphics here in our offices, and then went and got stage and brought Tobey Maguire's stunt-double in, and we did what they call a motion control shoot, which is a computer controlled camera that once you establish what your motion is on your camera pass, it can recreate that motion an x number of times whenever you would like it. You have the exact same move, so you can actually hook up a number of pieces of the film that is shot."

Framework also recently completed a project on X-Men: The Last Stand.

Garber said, "We just finished doing 'X-Men 3,' the entire opening. Main title sequences are becoming much more complex than they used to be. The sequence that we did was over a two minute piece that the titles were almost a by-product of the 3D digital effects that we created for it. We went into the world of DNA and molecular structure. Flying through windows and openings and molecules and into the DNA itself, and then, coming back out. So it's that kind of thing the sequence was involved in."

Some projects are more difficult than others. That is when teamwork is especially important.

"'X-Men' was very, very involved and intricate. There were a lot of parts to it, and a lot people working on it. There were a lot of late nights and late hours. That was one that was deep. That was probably a three month process from beginning to end. Big studio films that take eight to twelve weeks are pretty typical. There are a lot of instances where you have to get sign-offs from various people. Not only from the director, but you have to get sign-offs from the studios and the studio people. In a high profile project like that, everybody, of course, wants to get their two cents in. Ultimately realize that as you are getting these things done and sending them out that there are a whole string of people that need to say 'yes' before you can go to the next level. That was a problem that had to be overcome. There are a lot of politics on most of these things that are that big," he said.

Framework has a number of other film projects on the agenda. One involves an Adam Sandler film called I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Two features, The Killing Floor and The Messengers are also in the works. So is Open Season, which is an animated film. Empty City is another film that stars Adam Sandler in a very serious dramatic role that may get a lot of comments, according to Garber. Sandler plays a guy who has been traumatized by the deaths of his wife and three daughters in the World Trade Center.

Another project for Framework is a film called Wild Hogs. The comedy stars Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, John Travolta, and William Macy.

You can learn more about Framework at the company's official website here.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Direct to DVD Spider-Man Series Coming

August 2, 2006

The Hollywood Reporter says Sony is creating a new animated Spider-Man series:

Sony Pictures Television is becoming the first major television studio to enter the direct-to-DVD market for series. SPT has launched Culver Entertainment, a company focused on developing and producing drama, comedy and animated series exclusively for DVD and international distribution. The first project under the Culver Entertainment banner will be a new animated Spider-Man series. The first 13 half-hour episodes of the show are expected to be released next year.

Visit the link above for more on this.

Sam Raimi and Spidey 3 Cast at Comic-Con

Source: Sony Pictures

August 1, 2006

Sony Pictures has updated the official Spider-Man 3 Blog, where you can now watch videos of director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kirsten Dunst at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Just click the link above to check them out.

Exclusive: Enter Sandman!

Source: Edward Douglas

August 1, 2006

Probably one of the most exciting moments from the recent San Diego Comic-Con were the presentation and interviews for what's sure to be next summer's most exciting movie, Spider-Man 3.

For's Superhero Hype!, it felt like a true rock star moment, as the dozens of other journalists rushed out of the press room to catch the presentation, and we were asked to hold back to talk to one of the cast. Since SHH! started as one of the first Spider-Man movie fansites (as Spider-Man Hype!), it made sense that we'd be given a chance to talk to some of the cast, but my first and only pick was Thomas Haden Church, who I talked to a few times two years ago while he was doing the rounds for Alexander Payne's "Sideways," which brought Church a lot of attention and awards.

Back then, no one could possibly imagine that Church would be heading into one of the biggest movies of next year, and Sam Raimi could not have picked a better actor to play the part of Flint Marko AKA The Sandman. After the interview, I was snuck down a back elevator to the main presentation hall where we got to see a bit of rough footage of Church's CGI counterpart in action, and if there's anyone who might be able to overshadow the fan favorite Venom, it's Church.

Superhero Hype!: So how has it been for you going from the world of Alexander Payne to something as enormous as "Spider-Man 3"?

Thomas Haden Church: Sam was the one who brought me in. He and I came very close to working together a number of years ago on a movie called "The Gift"… I mean, very close. Sam really wanted me to do this role, and it just didn't work out for whatever reason. Thank God he didn't forget me. Because of "Sideways," they saw me accepting an award and called the next day and said, "Would you come in and talk to us about Spider-Man 3?" They had nothing. They had no script. They just knew the guy that [he] was going to be in the movie, and that's where it started. We just started talking about it, and I'm glad they asked me to be a part of it.

SHH!: You have a background in humor and we've known you for so long for that…

Church: Yeah, I know. The last couple times out there it's fairly humorless. There's not too much comedy in this TV thing I just had come out, "Broken Trail" [on AMC] and Sandman is nowhere near a barrel of monkeys. He's not a laugh-meister.

SHH!: Were you able to bring any of that humor to this part and did Sam want you to?

Church: No, it's a very dramatic character. He's definitely not the comic relief in "Spider-Man 3."

SHH!: Sandman is not the most fleshed-out character in the comics (no pun intended), but do we get more into the back story of the character and what makes him tick?

Church: Yeah, I think so. I can't be specific about what it is, but I will say that he's definitely a guy who has a purpose in the movie, and that purpose is absolutely in conflict with Spider-Man's better intentions. I wouldn't be a villain in the movie if it were otherwise.

SHH!: So it's not the typical "Sandman robs a bank and Spider-Man stops him" type thing?

Church: No. Like I said, there are some larger life issues at play. He's really got a lot of stuff to work out and like I said, it's not in Spider-Man's best interest.

SHH!: Is this your first real experience with CGI and green screen experience?

Church: I've done other movies. It's been a number of years ago now, but "George of the Jungle," we had some extensive blue screen/green screen work, but that really is probably the only one.

SHH!: What's involved with becoming The Sandman? Did they put you in the green suit or some sort of performance capture apparatus?

Church: No, no, no. You're just super-imposed. In the old days, it was all matte photography, but now it's how they incorporate you into the CG action. No, it's usually just me however I am.

SHH!: But they didn't throw a bucket of sand on you just for effect?

Church: (laughs) No, no, it wasn't that amateurish or deliberate.

SHH!: It's odd because you don't really think about when he's just in regular form in the comics that he's still made in sand, so do you at least have sand pasted onto your face to give that effect?

Church: No, it's a little more complicated than that. "Sand pasted to my face." That's funny.

SHH!: That would be the low budget version of the movie. I haven't talked to you since before "Sideways" came out, so how has this ride been since then?

Church: It's been terrific. It's been going on for awhile now because I did "Spider-Man" and I did "Broken Trail" and been involved in some animated pictures, and now that "Spider-Man" is, for the most part done, I'm looking for whatever the next thing is going to be. But it's been great. There's definitely a before and after scenario with "Sideways" in my professional life.

SHH!: I've noticed that a lot of actors after they get nominated for Oscars, they'll follow that up with a big budget genre flick. Is it just coincidence, or are you actively looking for more Alexander Payne-type stuff?

Church: Yeah, I'm always interested in that, but honestly, I just want to play characters. I want to play interesting, well-written, provocative guys. It's not really about, "Oh, I had to be in 'Spider-Man 3,'" it was the guy. Even in the midst of "Spider-Man," I did a miniseries for AMC, but it was the guy, and it was Robert Duvall and it was a Western. But it was really the guy in that movie and being able to act opposite Robert Duvall and work with Walter Hill. I don't get hung up on, "Oh, now I need to go do a Victorian, wintry, character-driven romance." It's not about that. It's just about whatever the guy is.

SHH!: What's coming your way now? Are more people trying to write more "Sideways"-like characters or movies for you, because Jack was a one-of-a-kind character.

Church: There's no uniformity to it. There's definitely been a scattershot of opportunity, but nobody's really like, "Oh, this guy is like Jack in 'Sideways,' let's get Church," it's not like that. Because I have tried to be fairly scrutinizing with the roles that I've chosen or the roles that have chosen me. Like I said, I just want it to be good. I want to be proud of it ten years from now.

Spider-Man 3 comes out on May 4, case you didn't know.