Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spider-Man on TV at 3 Channels Tonight

Tonight during "Joe Dirt" and "Jackass: The Movie," they will be showing Tobey and Kirsten talking about their new movie "Spider-Man 3." So make sure you watch "Joe Dirt" at 8 PM and "Jackass: The Movie" at 10 PM on Comedy Central.

Now on Cartoon Network they're showing 2002's "Spider-Man" with a new sneak peek preview of the upcoming sequel "Spider-Man 3." Make sure you watch "Spider-Man" at 7 PM on Cartoon Network.

Now on TVGuide they will be showing "Spider-Man 3" premiere in Tokyo, Japan. Make sure you catch that at 8 PM tonight. And if you miss it you can watch it on the 29th at 2 PM and at 11 PM.

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