Friday, May 4, 2007

UPDATE: My "Spider-Man 3" Review

First of all the movie was great. It is definitely the best out of the trilogy. I was first in line to see the movie with my parents and sister, though we already had tickets but we had to wait until the other people in there left (and man, there was a lot of people there that left and came to see the movie when I was there). Though since it was opening day I was trying to pay attention to the movie as much as I can cause there were kids there crying, talking, and almost made me mad. But though I pay attention a lot in the movie, I just ignore the kids that were there. Though the parents were ask to leave with the kids because of that and it was so quiet for the rest of the movie. Now I am going go through what I like about each actor/actress that was in this movie. WARNING, this review contains some spoilers. You may continue reading if you like.

Now Tobey Maguire, like in the first two films, did great in this one. I couldn't get a better Peter Parker/Spider-Man myself, Tobey fit perfectly like he did before. So if Tobey is reading this right now (which I doubt) please, please do another Spider-Man sequel. I would like to see more, and more but wouldn't be the same without the original cast (except for James since y'know what happened to his character at the end of Spider-Man 3 if you seen it) if they are replace for another Spidey film.

Kirsten Dunst did OK, but wasn't the best. I never was a big fan of her and probably never will be, but she does a good Mary Jane Watson. I wouldn't mind if she starred in another Spidey film, I just hope when they think of doing a 4th one to cast her and Tobey back on to the series. And especially with Sam as the director.

James Franco, wow. James' character Harry Osborn was my favorite character from the first to the last. He did so great as Harry/Goblin in this one. The ending was sad, it's what I predicted too. But the Spidey and Harry team-up was such a great scene I couldn't stop watching it. R.I.P. Harry Osborn and good-bye James Franco, we'll miss you.

Rosemary Harris back again as Peter's aunt. Well I never get tired of seeing people back for another sequel. Though in this one she doesn't have much scenes, though she did great. Nothing much to say, but hope you'll be back for another Spidey film.

J.K. Simmons, as he couldn't get any funnier on each film as J. Jonah Jameson. And where was John Jameson in this film? I am surprised he isn't back, or at least make a cameo. But enough about him. J.K. did great as well, and for a minute I thought he would suck (sarcastic). Though he wasn't on it much either. Well hope ya make it to 4 too Mr. Simmons, wherever you are.

Thomas Haden Church was the greatest Sandman EVER. Though as many said who had seen this film, yes he is Uncle Ben's actual killer. But later you'll see what really happened between him, Ben, and the carjacker. And yes, Sandman does team-up with Venom, and that was such a brutal fight too.

Topher Grace was a good Eddie Brock/Venom. He fit the character perfectly, and makes a good evil twin to Parker too though they aren't really related in this film. Actually they were rivals at the Bugle, though I did felt sorry for Brock. Well because he lost everything because of Evil Parker (which he was consumed by the symbiote at that time), and the fact he died a long with the symbiote. R.I.P. Eddie Brock, you'll be remembered (kind of).

Bryce Dallas Howard was pretty good as Gwen, though I wanted more scenes of her since I never knew what happened to her after Parker (Evil Parker) had gone crazy at the diner that Mary Jane works at. Though I hope she returns for a 4th.

James Cromwell, as you may know him from "I, Robot" and 2005's "The Longest Yard," plays as Gwen's father Captain Stacey in "Spider-Man 3." He was good too, but like the other "kind-of-main-characters" didn't star much and didn't get killed like what other Spidey fans predicted. So I'll be expecting him if there will be a 4th Spider-Man movie (and yes I probably will mention about Spider-Man 4 a lot since I really think there should be another one).

Bruce Campbell as a France guy? Ha, ha, that whole scene with him was so funny, and longer then his other cameos (kind of cameos) in the last two movies. Well done Bruce, well done.

And last but not least STAN LEE. His little cameo was very good, and he actually talks to Peter/Tobey in this film. His lines were great, he was great, EXCELSIOR!

'Nuff said.

Rating: 10 out of 10
UPDATE 6/16/2012: Of course, this was my first impression of the movie. As of now, my opinion on this movie is way different than I made it out to be in this review. Although I still like watching this movie, while I don't like everything else they screwed up in it. Maybe one day I will go through the Spider-Man movies, and review them all to finally give out my definite point of view on them. Again, this review does not match up to what I think about this movie to this day. Thanks for reading.

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