Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ultimate Spider-Friends

I would like to report that in Ultimate Spider-Man #118, Spider-Man will formed a group called SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS. With the following heroes: Firestar and Iceman. For everyone's information I am indeed a Spider-Friends fan. There was this comic called Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends that was released way before the show aired on television. It was the screenplay from the first episode too. So yes I own the comic and from then on I liked the show and that comic ever since. And this is good news to me since it would be added to my collection when it comes out. It would probably have a great story in it too, which I like most out of these comics. No main villain is reported yet, but hopefully Ultimate Beetle might make an appearance. Here's the summary from

It begins here…“Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!” Things are changing in the young life of Peter Parker: Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four is now his buddy---and the hot–headed super hero has taken a liking to Peter’s classmate, Liz Allen! But something is horribly wrong with Liz—something that will soon affect the life of every student at Midtown High—including Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Kitty Pryde!

View the cover here:
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This comic hits comic stores somewhere in January, 2008.

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