Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Opinion: Morbius in "Spider-Man 4"...?

I just recently read that Sam Raimi brings up about Morbius, of how he likes him and our web-slinger duking it out in the comics. This could be a hint, that Morbius could be one of the villains in "Spider-Man 4". Along with the rumored villain Lizard, which Dr. Curt Connors was shown in the previous movies, played by Dylan Baker, as maybe one day he will turned into the green scaled reptilian villain. Hopefully Dylan Baker returns to reprise his role as Connors, and maybe the role as the Lizard. Who knows?

I would love to see both of these characters as the villains in Spidey 4, maybe a team-up can be possible. I really like the Morbius character, although I wish he was chosen to be in one of the Blade movies. But that's not happening anytime soon, since that series ended with Dracula nearly killing the vampire slayer. So I don't know. I don't know what Raimi is thinking about for the fourth installment. All I know is what I heard in this article (click on the provided link). Hopefully we get something soon about this, I am so excited right now I can't explain how much I am excited about it. I am basically speechless. Well, if anything new pops up, you know that I will report it here on my Spidey Blog.

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Casey said...

With Morbius and the Lizard, Spidery 4 could really take on a darker tone (like they TRIED to do with the 3rd).

You think Sam's taking a que from the sucess of Dark Knight?

GreenieGobbie said...

Probably, but I think Raimi wants to be more creative this time. Morbius and the Lizard are more different than the previous villains, except for Sandman and Venom. I like the idea, and I hope it can work for this kind of theme. This is no Batman, Superman, or X-Men. This is Spider-Man, it is it's own thing.

I, for one, am looking forward where the plot will take place after 3. Peter and MJ are in a difficult spot in their relationship right now, and Spidey is always risking his life in NYC. I want to see something different, something new. Bring in Morbius and Lizard. Sure, why not? I think it's a great idea.

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