Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Spider-Man Web of Shadows

What can I say? This game was pretty awesome, and different. I own this game for my Xbox 360, which doesn't mean anything for the other copies for the different platforms (Wii, PlayStation 3, etc.), but I thought I should mention that before hand.

The plot is very interesting, and it has a much darker tone to it too. It starts off with Spidey in the symbiote invaded New York City, regreting what had happen in the past few days. He tells the story of how it all started, and the choices that you have to make in order to save the city once more from Venom's evil plan to take over it.

The voice talents in this game were okay, but I like the guy who plays as Wolverine in this game. He is what soles the story and the more convincing role too. The voice of Spidey is OK, he just got a little annoying at times, but at least this time he is more funnier at his one-liners. That was great!

And the black suit and red suit choices is pretty cool too. I played through the entire game twice, first time red, second time black.
I am playing it for the third time now, and I am getting all of my upgrades, and making random choices that will alter the en
ding. I won't spoiler the two endings of the red suit and the bl
ack suit storyline, I'll let you see that for yourself, or just search for the videos at Youtube if you want.

This game is dramatic, intense, and fun all the way. You won't believe your eyes until after you play it. It's great for all Spidey fans, or even video gamers who just want to give this one a try. It's totally worth your time, and it'll make you wanting more by the end.

Rate: 8 out of 10


S said...

Hey I just found your blog. BIG Spider-Man fan myself. I like your blog and the Spidey info you provide. I enjoyed Web of Shadows as well. I actually wrote a review on it too. Come check out my Spidey blog & tell me what you think.

GreenieGobbie said...

Hey thanks for your comment, and nice Spidey blog too.