Sunday, June 28, 2009

More From Michael Papajohn on Spider-Man 4

Last week, we received word that actor Michael Papajohn might be back for Spider-Man 4. Scooper 'Wolf' tried to follow up with him on Saturday and here's the result:

I was over at the weekly comic book show Frank & Son over in Industry, CA, and while I was walking around with my uncle we suddenly ran into Michael Papajohn. I wouldn't have noticed him except for the pictures he had all over his signing desk. He's a real funny guy - trying to sell us autographs and telling us about how the Lakers beat him out of the main table. Anyways, I asked him about Spider Man 4 because of the rumor I read that he was going to be in it. He said "I can't talk about it, but who says I died in the first one?" My uncle asked him again and he quipped "if I tell you I'll have to shoot you." Jokingly, of course. That's all I got.

Source: SuperHero Hype!

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