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Opinion: My Choices For 'Spidey' Movie Villains

Since everyone is pushing around the subject about who the main villain or villains going to be in Spider-Man 4, coming out in May 5th, 2011. So I want to make a whole post on my opinions that who would make great candidates for Spider-Man 4. Then what you guys and gals can do is have your opinions too in the commment box below. So here we go, these are the villains I think would make a great addition to the movie (there's going to be a lot of them on here, but let me point out that these are just suggestions so that one or two of them make it into the film). Ok, here we go!

The Lizard: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Remember this tall green and scaly? Well it's not the Green Goblin, that's for sure. This is Dr. Curt Connors, or what we all know him as The Lizard. In the comics he tried using lizard DNA to regenerate his right arm back. But the experiment failed and mutated him into THE LIZARD. Well all of you know that Connors (played by Dylan Baker) has been in the previous two movies, and sources has been said that he's returning again for this next installment. As the Lizard this time? Maybe or maybe not. We don't know that for sure. But I wouldn't mind seeing this guy added in. I've been waiting to see him for a long time, so I think it's about time that Dr. Connors should finally turn into the green scaled monster. And maybe have Kraven the Hunter track him down, but that seems too much like the Spider-Man 3 game, doesn't it? What I like the most about the Lizard is that it's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Where in this story Connors has a family. A wife and a son. And when he transformed into the Lizard, it's like his whole life was taken away. For this story it would be great to show the impact and emotions of Connors for once and suddenly being controled by something else. In Spidey's situation is to only find a cure to help Connors turn back to normal and he would be redeemed that he could help a friend (Redeemed after what happened in Spider-Man 3). So that's why I think Lizard would be a great choice for Spidey 4.

Kraven the Hunter: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Ordinary Sergei Kravinoff is world's famous hunter Kraven the Hunter. In the comics he came to the US to track down one of the most amazing creatures that he could claim as his trophy: Spider-Man. Now adding this character and the Lizard in the same movie would make him have a great motivation to come to the US and track down the Lizard himself. And it would be up to Spidey to help Connors/Lizard and stop Kraven. I don't like Kraven so much as a villain, or think of him as a big threat to Spidey. But he would be good along with the Lizard...or with his half-brother instead?

The Chameleon: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Once known as Dmitri Smerdyakov-Kravinoff, the Chameleon is the master of disguise. He can make himself look like anyone, and copy their voices so well. I always like this villain. Seems obvious that I'm more into the outcast type of villains then the major ones seen already in the films. Chameleon was always my favorite from when I first read him in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963). It would be fun to see the Chameleon changed to Norman Osborn or Harry Osborn just to fool with Spidey. I bet Sam Raimi would have fun with that. And he could team up with his half-brother Kraven the Hunter to taken down the web-slinger. But I'm probably the only one interested in seeing him in a movie, am I? Well hopefully if they do use this character that they can do him right. If that could be done, my hats off to Mr. Raimi.

Hobgoblin: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
I know that everyone is tired of seeing the Goblin in the previous movies, but I'm not. I would like to see what they can do with this guy. And I have a great idea for him too. It doesn't have to be Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, but it can be Ned Leeds, so that Elizabeth Banks who played as Betty Brant JJJ's secretary at the Bugle could have a reason to return. Because in the previous posts she has stated that she will not come back unless she has more screentime. And bringing in Ned Leeds will be a great way for her to come back, because of the two characters relationship in the comics. For the story it would be like this, he is the new investigative reporter at the Daily Bugle and he is sent out to investigate the Osborn Mansion with householder's permission to find out some clues. He then stumbles upon the Goblin lair, and decides not to tell anyone and uses the stuff for himself to become the Hobgoblin!

The Crime-Master: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
I know that some of you may go, "Who?" And that's what I expect you to say. The Crime-Master is one of the original Spidey villains that worked along side with the original Green Goblin in issues #26 and #27. He was a short time criminal, because he dies in the last issue I mentioned. At that time he was about to say the Goblin's true identity, since it wasn't known for awhile until the Green Goblin reveals himself in issue #39. They can create the same story in a way with the Hobgoblin, since I think his identity should be a secret for the audience and the other characters until the end of the movie. So was the Crime-Master's identity was a secret, and that could be revealed by the end as well. Although I think the Hobgoblin should play out for two movies (this one and the next, if they were to do him), so that there could be a reason for Elizabeth Banks (mentioned above) to return as Betty Brant and to keep up the hype as well. So anyways back on this villain; why did I nominated this villain for Spider-Man 4? Because I think it's about time we have a crime/mystery for Spidey to unsolve, because that were the few things I loved about the older comics. In which they should've done it for the Green Goblin. But to make it short, I just want to see a crime lord and actually seeing the mob as a threat to Spider-Man. I like the Crime-Master because he looked cool and he would be great as a Spider-Man villain the movie. So they don't have to bring in the Kingpin, they could just put the Crime-Master or Tombstone...or maybe...?

The Big Man: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
I know that some of you who have watched "The Spectacular Spider-Man" TV series and might say, "Hey, isn't 'the Big man' Tombstone?" Well it appears that way in the show, but in the comics The Big Man a completely different person in the comics. First appeared in issue #10 shows Frederick Foswell (remember that reporter from the show?) he was the Big Man in the comics. Of course, they didn't reveal that until the end of the comic. But after being in prison for awhile he changed his ways, and well the way he appears on the show is the way he was like from the comics after being the Big Man. And he was the first to control the Enforcers team (and no Montana isn't Shocker like he is from the "Spectacular Spider-Man" TV series, but they could do that for the movie). But I never really like the Big Man, just because his name is lame (ha! I rhymed). By the way, Hoffman from the movies always reminded me of Foswell...maybe that's where the idea came from. Also, I was surprised he was the one killed off by the Kingpin in the earlier "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics (in that series he was called Mr. Big). Speaking of the Kingpin...

Kingpin: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Although he was already used in the movie "Daredevil" back in 2003, and maybe there will be some issues about using the characters (because I still think that Fox still owns the rights to Daredevil, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four). But I think he would be a great add into the Spidey movie universe. For me, it doesn't matter which criminal mob boss they use, I just like them all. And it would be different than using a super-powered person to be Spidey's foe in every film. And since I heard that the "Daredevil" movie is going to be 'rebooted', this might a good thing for the Spider-Man movies should do. After all, Kingpin was a Spidey villain way before he appeared in the "Daredevil" comics.

Tombstone: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Now Tombstone, the way he is portrayed in the "Spectacular Spider-Man" series, would be so great to see in a live-action movie. And I would like to see someone play as the albino African-American, that seems too cool. Why him? I like his attitude, and his personality resembles Kingpin so much. In fact these two could be working together in the movies, since they did that in the comics. And maybe some rivalry could happen, that's always great to see too.

Vulture: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Why the Vulture? Why not? He was considered to be in "Spider-Man 3", but they replaced him with Venom instead. So he is basically at the top of the Sam Raimi's villains list to use in the movies. And besides, it would look so cool to see Vulture and Spidey duking it out in mid-air non-stop. Do you think that would cool? I sure do!

Heh, bug vs. bug. This could be interesting. Although how will the origin be explained? Simple: Mac Gargan is working for the Kingpin (or any other mob boss mentioned above) to investigate on Peter Parker. There are some suspicions that he may be Spider-Man. When he fails, the mob boss puts him into an experiment, and wha-la! Scorpion is made and his mission is to take down Spider-Man and reveal him to the world. And besides it would be cool to see him on the big screen, finally.

Electro: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
After playing "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" a few times, I think it would be so cool and exciting to see Electron zip his way through New York and maybe cause a blackout too. For Spidey, he'll make a dangerous and worthy foe, and a challenging step to take him down too. I would also like to see them being set up as a friend to Peter at first and then becoming Electro later on, so that Peter would go on a journy to save a friend this time and redeem himself. Although that could be dealt with the Lizard (since Peter knows Dr. Connors from the previous films), but maybe Electro and Lizard should be in the same movie. I always like that friendship that Max and Peter kind of had in that animated series back in 2003 (The one with Neil Patrick Harris as ol' web-head). To me that would be interesting on screen and would be great for Peter to have more friends (like Flash Thompson too, because thats what happened in the comics) and more people to hang out with than just Mary Jane, Aunt May, or the staff at the Bugle. Just basically a new start for him, after what happened in "Spider-Man 3" he needs a fresh new start.

The Enforcers: (Character Bios: Ox | Montana | Fancy Dan)
These guys would be cool to see as well, just so they would be working for the mob boss and trying to take down Spidey. Although I know there's a limit to one or two villains now in the movies ever since "Spider-Man 3". But really...there's not that much to the Enforcers, is there?

The Rhino: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Now honestly I don't like the Rhino that much but after some thinking it would be cool so see a giant guy who looks like a Rhino causing some mayhem and destruction on the streets of Manhattan. And sure, throw in his wit too, because that's always funny to see. And I want him to look like "Ultimate Spider-Man" version mixed with the "Spider-Man 2" video game version.

Calypso: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Why Calypso? Just because if Kraven the Hunter is in the movie, she should be along his side trying to take down Spidey. And I find her interesting as a villain too.

Mysterio: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
What can I say? Give the illusionist a chance in the Spidey films! And better yet, get Criss Angel to play him. Why? Because to me Criss Angel is one of the best illusionists, and so they won't have to spend a lot of money on special effects on this villain. And Mr. Angel definitelly has the right looks and the tone in voice. I could never see Bruce Campbell as Mysterio (like many of you wanted), well since he already made 3 cameos in the movies as goofy characters. And it would be cool to see New York get destroyed, but really it doesn't (No, I don't have a thing for destruction, since it's just a movie it looks cool).

Carlyle: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Seen in the "Spider-Man 3" video game, known as the Mad Bomber, originally in the comics he was in to replace Doc Ock, but he failed because the original Doc Ock and Spidey took him down together. Why did I put Carlyle on here? Well Sam Raimi did want to have the Sinister Six, a group formed by 6 supervillains (Doc Ock being the leader), and since Carlyle was Doc Ock in the comics for awhile, he should come in as the new Doc Ock to form the Sinister Six. Maybe for the 6th film? Well who knows, he probably might as well make an appearance now than later (we wouldn't want to make the same mistake like they did in Spider-Man 3 with Gwen Stacy, and Capt. Stacy, and of course Eddie Brock).

Hypno-Hustler: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Yeah!! He would totally make a great threat and an awesome villain in "Spider-Man 4"!!! ....Only joking of course. :P He shouldn't be in the movies at all. If he is, we are all doom of watching a stupid cheesy movie. Click here to see why I mention this villain here in the first place, lol. (if he can even be called a villain)

Black Tarantula: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
I am not too familiar with this one, but if done right I would like to see him in the movie.

Black Cat: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Although I never really saw her a villain, but the rumors are saying that she's going to be in it as a villain. Well I hope but the middle or the end of the movie she becomes good and decides to work along side with Spidey in the next few movies. And maybe in this way Spidey will learn that he can't do everything by himself. Also if they want to introduce her, I rather have her introduced her as Felicia Hardy in this one and as Black Cat in the next one. That works out much better so we can already have a well developed character in two movies.

And last but not least...!!

Carnage: (Click Here For Character Bio.)
Nah, not a chance in a Spidey movie. With Sam Raimi around, I doubt that they will use Carnage in the next few Spidey movies (unless forced like Venom was for "Spider-Man 3", that wouldn't be so good, now would it?). But in the "Venom" spin-off we heard about recently? Maybe. But in a Spidey film? Not likely. So sorry guys, that's my honest opinion.

So I hope you like my list of villains that I think should be in either Spider-Man 4 or 5 or 6. But either way, I hope you agree with me on some of my choices (except for Carnage and Hypno-Hustler, those were thrown in for some gags). So take this as ideas and probably suggestions for any of the crew members of the next installment that might be reading this. And if not it was worth a try. But I don't want all of these characters in one movie, just some, and if only one or two of them are picked that would be satisifying.

So if you guys and gals want, voice your choices and opinions here on the villains you want to see in a upcoming 'Spidey' movie. Do you think some of my choices are good, and if not, why? Please comment and leave me a message on what I should know. I love reading your feedbacks!

So that's all for now, Spidey fans! Gobbie out.

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