Thursday, December 31, 2009

Opinion: These 'Spidey 4' Rumors

I am getting so sick and tired of all these rumors. It's not that I should care about them, and then come on here to complain about them. But it's ridiculous of how some people can be so ignorant (no offense) that what they read from the internet might be true. Heck, lately some of the stuff could be true, but those ones actually sound accurate enough to be true. Some of the other stuff are just plain stupid and moronic. But that's the 'internet' for you, and for everyone else as well. So why am I posting this? To clear some things up. I doubt that Anne Hathaway will be in 'Spider-Man 4' and I doubt that she'll play as some made-up villain named "The Vultress" instead of being Black Cat. Well now that I think of it, she could be in it, but I don't want to anticipate on it. She's a very good actress, but still nothing is official yet. Do any of you think Sam Raimi would actually do that? Well sure, the 'Spider-Man 3' movie was a big disappointment towards fans, but really successful at the box office. But who cares? It still has some of the characters down right, and some of the sources right, even though not enough development on the new characters and way too many subplots. Sure he messed up on a lot of things, but so what? It's done, and it's just a movie. Get over it. People make mistakes, and when we make mistakes we learn from them.

What bothers me is that some people think that this movie will suck really badly. would you know that since the movie hasn't come out yet? Sure you can say "I have bad feelings about it...but I still think it's going to be good" but saying "It's going to suck because Spider-Man 3 sucks" is just plain stupid. I believe that Sam Raimi knows what he's doing, and since the studio wouldn't be a stick up his butt this time, maybe we can actually get a 'Spider-Man' movie better than the last one. It would be great to actually have Sam to put what he wants in it, and not what Avi Arad (the producer) and the studios (Sony Pictures) want this time. After all, I find them responsible for pushing Raimi into doing what happened in SM3 (having Venom in it, and Sandman as the killer of Uncle Ben). Because they are in charge, and if Raimi doesn't want to put in stuff for it he would've been fired. The studio only cares about the money, and since the 'Spider-Man' franchise made tons and tons of money, they're going to use that advantage. What I seen in 'Spider-Man 2' was Sam Raimi giving his heart to these characters and the plot. It wasn't for the money, and it wasn't for the fame. He did it because he is a true Spidey fan. Now that was a 'Spider-Man' movie.

Now about the other rumors, I don't mind seeing Vulture being in the movie, and I wouldn't mind seeing John Malkovich as him either. That I don't mind. Everything else like those articles about Mary Jane getting killed off and Anne Hathaway replacing her as Felicia Hardy (a.k.a. Black Cat) is just B.S. I don't believe that for one second. I don't think Sam Raimi would ever do that.

Also another thing, I know that much of you are hardcore fans and some of you aren't. But with some of you hardcore fans, you can be really picky when it comes to these movies. Sure they weren't perfect, and sure they aren't as great as "The Dark Knight", but at least we're seeing Spider-Man and all these wonderful characters brought to life on the big screen. I know the phrase, "If it can't be done right don't do it at all." Well I think these movies have been done right, even when we don't notice it. I sure as heck love these movies, but it took so long for me to adjust to 'Spider-Man 3', but right now I am fine with it. But like they always say, some people like it and some people won't, and to me that's fine. But when it comes to this upcoming film, I feel like I have to take a stand for it. I say give it a chance, and stop bashing on Sam Raimi. He's doing the best he can do right now, so lay off. I, for one, can't wait to see this movie. I think it's going to be a blast and exciting, and I will make sure to be the first one in line to see it on opening day.

So everyone, if I were you, stop believing in these rumors. And better yet, stop reading them. You know what also made "Spider-Man 3" bad? It was the fact that they revealed too much on the internet. And I remember reading from someone that he loved it because he never read a single article on the internet about it. So I say congratulations to him. I'll try to do the same, in a way. But that doesn't mean I won't still post here, it's just I will post more accurate and better news for all of you. And I will make sure to post more often as well. I'm sorry for the lack of updates.

So sorry about my long rant, but it has to be said someway or another. So make sure to choose wisely to read an article out there, because it might revealed too much that you don't want to know about. Let's just sit back and relax, and do other things before then, and when we see "Spider-Man 4" on opening day or whenever, we'll be amazed of how great it is, or we might be disappointed. But one thing that is important, that we should go in unexpecting anything about it and enjoy the ride. Because to me, that was the experience I had when I went to see the first 'Spider-Man' movie back in 2002. Man, it's great to be a Spider-Man fan.

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