Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gordon-Levitt Had Talks About the 'Spidey' Reboot?

Source: MTV's Splash Page

I know I have been posting rumors about who should play as Spidey, but they're not exactly rumors are they? They are just choices and speculation. No confirmed article mention anything about who will be playing as the new webslinger in the 2012 "Spider-Man" reboot, and there's no rumor saying that they casted someone already. But in the previous posts I mentioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Henrie, and both would do great as Spidey, in my opinion. So right now I still don't know who would do better, and I really don't care which one is casted. But if anyone, I would rather pick Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe ever since Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi left, I still can't see anyone else doing it except those two. But we do have a new director (Marc Webb) and pretty soon we might get a new Spidey. And the news seem to be pointing it towards Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yeah sure he's older, like some people say, but he looks really young to me. Does anyone agree? No make-up or special effects needed to change his appearance. Anyways, here's a video clip of MTV's Splash Page's Josh Horowitz interviewing Joseph Gordon-Levitt again about the Spider-Man role, and if he heard any news regarding him being in the movie or not.

So what do you think? He probably has a better chance than anyone right now to play as the new Spider-Man. So let me know what you think of this at the comment section below. In my opinion, I find this kind of interesting. Maybe we already have a new Spider-Man on our hands (more like the company's hands)? Well I'll keep you all updated on the latest news to come. Thank you for reading and please come back.

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