Monday, January 18, 2010

Marc Webb Potential Director for the "Spider-Man" Reboot?

Source: MTV's Splash Page and Comic Book Movies

He is what Comic Book Movies reported from MTV's Splash Page:

MTV recently spoke with Marc Webb at the Golden Globe Awards and posed the question if he was indeed a Spidey fan. "Of course," he commented. "Stan Lee, big fan ... love the 'Ultimate [Spider-Man]' stuff. How could you not be a fan of Peter Parker and Spider-Man?."

When asked if his 500 Days of Summer Star star would will make a good Spider-man, Webb said:

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Meryl Streep — he can do anything," with a laugh.

All he had to add when asked if we should expect an announcement regarding his next project any time was, "I hope so!"

So what do you think? Should Marc Webb direct the "Spider-Man" reboot? Do you think he's a good choice? Tell me about at the comments below. Please and thank you! Also here's the video I found on the site of Marc Webb (with the same dialogue above) talking about the "Spider-Man" reboot.

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