Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Updates! New TV Show, Video Game Details, and more!

I'm really sorry for being late with these updates. If you want to know why these are delayed, I'll just tell you that I have been so busy with my Senior year in high school (next month is the last month for Seniors). So I have been really stressed out on homework and my Senior project. Also, lately I have been working on this new fansite for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie, releasing July 22nd, 2011 (click here to visit the site).

So just to sum up the recent Spidey-related news, I'll make quick summaries (with my opinions) for each article along with the links inside. So here they are:

Alan Cumming has dropped out of the 'Spider-Man' musical. I like Alan's work, but I really don't care about this musical. So I think this is great news. (Click here to read more about it.)

John Malkovich talks about not getting to play Vulture in the now dead "Spider-Man 4" movie. I feel bad for this guy, because I thought he would've made a great Vulture. But oh well. Hopefully if they ever use Vulture in the reboot series, they can have Mr. Malkovich come in and do the role. That would be great. (Click here to read more about it.)

"Ultimate Spider-Man" is being adapted for a TV show on DisneyXD in the Fall of 2011. WHHHAAAT?!?! How dare they cancel "The Spectacular Spider-Man"!! I know the ratings for that show was going downhill ever since it moved to DisneyXD, but they could still manage to try to keep it on for a few years, or even for another year. The show was just getting good, and it hasn't even gotten to the best part yet! Well of course I am overreacting, because they haven't reported that the TSSM show has been canceled yet. But it sure looks like it, because why would they be making a new TV show just right away? Something's fishie here, and I don't like it. And I would like to add that I am not really looking forward to this TV show. By the way, that is the official poster for the show on the upper-left side (Lame, isn't it?). You can click on it to enlarge the image. (Click here to read more about it.)

Activision and Beenox is developing the new Spider-Man game "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" (click here for the official site). This game looks promising, and I like the style and designs. Take a look at the trailer below:

I told you it looks really good. The Noir dimension from the trailer is based on the "Spider-Man: Noir" mini-comic series (click here for more info). The other dimension is the regular ol' "Amazing Spider-Man" comics we know and love. The voice of Noir Spidey is being provided by Christopher Daniel Barnes from the '94 Spidey TV series, and (UPDATED) Neil Patrick Harris from the MTV 2003 "Spider-Man" run and NBC's "How I Met Your Mother" is providing the voice for the original Spidey. The guy who wrote the script for this is Marvel comic book writer Dan Slott. I think one of the dimensions should be Spider-Man 2099 (info) because that is one of my favorite comic series, and it would be so cool to explore the futuristic 2099 New York world that were shown in the comics. This game is not yet rated and is coming out somewhere in September of this year. (Click here to read more about it.)

Evan Rachel Wood also leaves the "Spider-Man" musical play. Well, all I have say is that she did the right thing. Thank God! (Click here to read more about it.)

Well that's about it. I hope I can post more often now, because I really miss this place. So I hope these were very informative you, and if you have anything to say, make sure to say it in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

~ Gobbie Out! ~

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