Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peter Parker Narrowed to Five for Spider-Man Reboot

With a release date of the July 3rd 2012, and production expected to begin later this year, Director Marc Webb has yet to announce an actor for Peter Parker for the new Spider-Man reboot. But Mr. Marc Webb has been quietly reading actors for the title role, and now THR reports that Webb's destined search has been narrowed down to five young men.

Jamie Bell (24), Alden Ehrenreich (20), Frank Dillane (19), Andrew Garfield (27), and mentioned yet again, Josh Hutcherson (Soon to be 18) are said to be the final contestants. THR includes No screen tests have been conducted at this early stage, and insiders point out that the director and studio are still on the lookout.

A Columbia spokesperson did not comment on the casting process, saying “There have been a number of names floated online and almost every week, someone calls with a new rumor. We are not commenting on the casting process or rumors such as these.” Alvin Sargent is currently rewriting the script for the 2012 reboot.


GG's Opinion: Wow, finally we have some casting news. And by the look of this list of considerations I only like two of the choices. One of the two is Josh Hutcherson, in which I seen his movies before. But I never heard of Alden Ehrenreich, but I like the way he looks because he kind of reminds me the art style of John Romita Sr.'s drawing of Peter Parker. And I think Josh Hutcherson would be a really good choice because he has some of the looks, really good acting skills, and the right age (well of right now, but by 2012 he'll be 20). So either of these two I would be satisfied with. I was really hoping that Joseph Levitt-Gordon would do it, but I guess he's just too well known (at least to me he is). But oh well, I think it will be a great film. But here's hoping!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sargent Polishing the Spider-Man Script

83-year-old Alvin Sargent, who has worked on every "Spider-Man" movie, has been brought back to polish the script for Sony's Spider-Man reboot.

The veteran screenwriter is working off a script by James Vanderbilt. Sargent also wrote a draft for Spider-Man 4 before that movie was scrapped.

The Marc Webb-directed reboot is scheduled to start shooting later this year for a July 3, 2012 release in 3D and 2D theaters.

Heat Vision says that Sargent "has become the studio’s go-to guy for punching up weighty scenes. The new 'Spider-Man' is rumored to be more emotionally anchored and realistic than the previous movies. Word is that Peter Parker will be a 17-year-old high school kid struggling with shifting hormones and an outsider status. And let’s not forget the death of his uncle."

Sources: SuperHero Hype! and Heat Vision

GG's Opinion: This could actually be a really good thing. Bring it on, Mr. Sargent! I can't wait for this movie.