Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Blog Layout! Thanks Caleb!

I just want to point out for those who haven't checked out the site recently, I updated this blog with a new layout. Special thanks to calebyourmaster from the official Spider-Man Movie Network for helping me out with the background design that advertises for the new upcoming game "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions".

Usually on some websites they would never post a message about the new design on the site, or who it's by, or showing any news regarding these type of things. I just felt the need to do this, since Caleb spent a lot of time into this background image, and I want to thank him in the biggest way possible with much gratitude. And that's by posting a blog post about his help for this site. So thank you so much, Caleb. You did a fantastic job, and I know it was stressful, but at the end you did such a really great job on this. Thanks for taking your time with this, and I hope you appreciate this message to you.

That image on the side is one of the first concepts that Caleb started off with. Please do not use it as your own, without permission from Caleb himself.

So that's about it. This game is coming out on September 7th, on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and the Nintendo DS. Pre-order now, and you will get exclusive offers on the game from Wal-Mart,, K-Mart, Best Buy, and GameStop! Click here for more information. Make sure to visit for more information on the upcoming game!

~ Gobbie's Out! ~

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