Sunday, September 12, 2010

Andrew Garfield Describes His Childhood Inspiration And Excitement For The Role Of Spider-Man!

Andrew Garfield describes a bit more about how he's going to take on the role of Spider-Man for the July 3rd, 2012 release. Here's what he had to say, and to let all of you Spidey fans know, it is a very interesting interview...

"That may be na├»ve of me, but that’s how I’m treating it," Garfield said when asked about how he's approaching what is surely the biggest role of his career. "I’m honestly treating it like this is a role that has meant a lot to me since I was four years old. And I have been waiting for the call since then to be given the opportunity to play with a bunch of awesome cameras and effects and to feel like I’m swinging through New York City."

The actor then went on to once again describe his childhood affection for the character and how that will play a part in his performance: "It’s a childhood fantasy come to life. But I’m just treating it like an extension of my seven-year-old self jumping for joy and climbing up doorframes. I’m just going to play to like I always have played it in my living room! It’s just an extension of that, with a bigger set, a bit more money, and a better costume. Although my mum’s homemade costume was pretty wicked."

"Its mythology. Comic books are derived from mythology. It’s ancient storytelling. It’s Shakespearean and Greek," he added when quizzed about tackling this sort of role. "Spider-Man’s struggle is the same as every young boy’s struggle. Who am I? What’s the best way to live? How can I serve something greater than what I am? Is there a purpose in this life? All of these themes...I find it just as rich. I’m so excited."

Wow! It looks like he knows what he's going into. Let's just hope Sony and Marc Webb know what they're doing too.

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