Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rhys Ifans Will Be.... The Lizard?

Well most of you have known by now that it has been confirmed (or rumored for now) by TheWrap that Rhys Ifans will play as The Lizard (a.k.a. Dr. Curt Connors) in the upcoming untitled "Spider-Man" reboot. Now why am I posting this late? Well, I will get back to you on that in a bit.

I think this is kinda cool, but at the same time I question myself, "Why?" Not that Rhys Ifans is a bad choice or anything. I think he will dominate the role, to be honest. But I just can't picture the Lizard being the first supervillain that Spidey deals with for his first movie, since this is the first movie of a new movie series (some people still think it's "Spider-Man 4" with a different cast and crew). I just think it's too soon for the Lizard, even though we have been anxcious for that villain ever since "Spider-Man 2". But since this is the first movie of a brand new movie franchise for Spidey, I would expect maybe Shocker, Electro, or any other small villains that needed the spotlight.

I also think that the Lizard can't hold the movie as it's only villain. In the comics, Lizard is a mindless monster. So is that what we are going to get throughout this movie? Spidey fighting a mindless monster and that's it? Sure, there will be some character development for the alter ego, Dr. Curt Connors. But that's what I am a afraid of. Since this is a first movie, that means they have to re-establish the character again, which was already established in the previous movies. Sometimes it takes time to develop a character. Well, if they could manage to have Harvey Dent become District Attorney and Two-Face in "The Dark Knight", and make it perfect (in my opinion) then I shouldn't be worried if Curt Connors going to be rushed in this movie to become the Lizard (just have faith). I just hope they take time to establish this character again, and then we can jump into 'monster madness'! But 'monster madness' with plot... I don't want to see a jumble mess, like what Sony and Raimi did with "Spider-Man 3".

Anyways, that's just my opinion for this film. I hope they can add in a side villain. I really hope to see Electro soon on the big screen, fighting against our favorite web-head. But let's see if Marc Webb and Sony can pull off a whole movie with The Lizard as it's main villain. That might be interesting to see, but maybe a lot of you would disagree. Just leave your opinion in the comments section below.

So as for this delayed news report, as I mentioned earlier in this post. I'm just so caught up on college right now, and mostly doing other stuff. And other than that, I don't know if I will continue posting on this blog. Not that I would be too busy, but it's just not enough people go on here to read my posts. And if so, why haven't you commented in any of them? I'm not angry, just a little disappointed. I try advertising for this site as much as possible, but that never seem to work. All I am asking is please comment or come on here every once in awhile. I really want to keep on doing this, but the only way I will keep on doing this is if I get enough people to check out this site, and giving me support. That would be nice. If anyone's reading this right now, just spread the word about this site, and try to get enough people as much as possible. Because without you, this site wouldn't be possible (that's the honest truth too, I had good visitors on this site, but I haven't heard from them since).

Anyways, that is all I want to cram into this one big gigantic post. If you haven't read my review on the "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" game, then you should go check that out, and leave me a comment on that too. Thanks for reading, Spidey fans!

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