Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Look at Andrew in the Spidey Costume!

This is an actual photo of actor Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume. I think it looks sweet! But what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment below, and let me know! Click on the image to enlarge.

Also, make sure to join up the official Facebook page. The untitled Spider-Man movie hits theaters in 3D on July 3rd, 2012!

~ Gobbie, Out! ~


Kayla said...

Id say he looks pretty darn good! =]

Felix said...

I think it looks pretty cool, definitely looks like a young spider man. I'm not too crazy about the design on his arms though. But I am excited about the movie.

GreenieGobbie said...

@Kayla, I think so as well. Thanks for the comment! :)

@Felix, Yeah, that's what I like about it too. A lot of fans are complaining he's too old to be a teenager, but I say that doesn't matter because his looks look right for the character's age. I say he still looks young, but it's good that I'm not the only one that agrees. I'm excited about the movie as well. Thanks for commenting! :)