Thursday, March 17, 2011

J.K. Simmons to Reprise His Role as J. Jonah Jameson!

...For the "Ultimate Spider-Man" TV series. Although it would be cool to see him return in the new reboot 'Spider-Man' franchise, but until that happens we will be having him star as the good ol' Spidey hater J. Jonah Jameson for the upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" series coming out late 2012. Take a read below on what he had to say...

On Rumors That JJJ Will Not Feature In The Amazing Spider-Man:
That's what I heard recently, too; they just decided not to have the character be in the movie. Obviously it's going to be a very different take on it. I hope it does - I'm not sure what I hope. (Laughs) I just know that the movies that Sam made, especially the first two... strangely he was sort of less on his own in the third film and it kinda felt like there were a lot of cooks stirring the pot in that third film.

On Voicing J. Jonah Jameson In Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series:
Yeah, I just started doing that. I don't know when the show's gonna be out, but yeah, J.J.J. lives on in my career at least (Laughs) for a while with the new cartoon show, yeah.

Also, if you haven't catched this yet, here's another interview of J.K. Simmons on why he's disappointed about the 'Spider-Man' reboot.

Are you upset that Spider-Man is being rebooted?

There were a lot of levels on which I was disappointed by that, not the least of which was financial because, you know, a sequel is one of the few times that a journeyman like me gets to make a big fat paycheck.

I did read that you bought a new house.

Yes, indeed. Which I'm now paying for with commercials instead of Spider-Man 4.

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