Sunday, March 13, 2011

Save 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' Animated TV Series!

It has been long since we last heard about the 'Spectacular Spider-Man' animated series, and the last thing we heard of anything Spidey related in TV media was that there is going to be a new TV series based off from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series in 2012. Now that's just messed up, ain't it? We have no real confirmation of 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' cancelation, and they pull this under our noses. Maybe it's not too late to save the show? Maybe we can make it stay and continue to open more stories and relevations? You don't have to do this alone, because like you there's tons of fans out there who loves this show, and remarks it as the "definitive Spider-Man TV show". It has certainly prove that, to not just to Spidey fans, but also gathering a wider audience, and creating a new generation of fans. Maybe it's not too late? Well you can make a difference on that today by signing this petition (it's free! Don't worry about the donation part after signing, your signature will already be recorded so you can click out), started by a good fan of the series who wishes just the same for this series to come back. To bring back "a wonderful show that hasn't yet finished it's story."

CLICK HERE! Image by Samantha Brand
This show didn't just brought in new fans, and fans of the comics, it's also a show for a whole family to watch. There's a lot more fans out there than there are of the comics, if only Marvel can see that. So please, fans of all kind, don't let this show die. Let Marvel hear our words; our voices out loud that we need this show back! Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help this show live forever. Make sure to become a fan on Facebook, so the word gets out to all of fans! Spread the word!

~ Gobbie, Out! ~

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