Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rest In Peace Cliff Robertson; Spider-Man 'Uncle Ben' Actor Passes Away

In 2002, Spider-Man revitalized the comic book movie into the standing in pop culture it is today. One of the best aspects of this film was the brief but brilliant performance by Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson. By saying the famous phrase, "With great power comes great responsibility," Robertson won over a whole new generation of fans as Peter Parker's wise uncle, Ben Parker. He reprised this role in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 (his final film appearance).

Robertson had other claims from Oscar-winning performance in Charly as the title character, a mentally-handicapped man who, with brain-boosting medication, was able to overcome his problems with tragic results. He was also in PT 109 as John F. Kennedy (hand-picked by the man himself and was highly praised in the role). On the small screen, Robertson made a guest appearance on "The Twilight Zone" in an episode where he played a ventriloquist with a dummy that is more than meets the eye. He also was a guest-villain on "Batman" as the criminal cowboy Shame (parody of Shane) and fought against the Dynamic Duo.

Details on Mr. Robertson's death will be posted as soon as possible.