Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drake Bell Says ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Animated Series Is "True To The Comics"

"It’s awesome. The animation is unbelievable. It’s 2-D but it’s the coolest 2-D animation you’ve ever seen," the actor told MTV News while discussing his role as Peter Parker in the 2012 animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man. "It's going to be really true [to the comics]," he revealed. "There’s tons of different [versions of Spider-Man]. He’s in high school. He doesn’t have, the webs don’t come out of his arms. He’s a science nerd, so he figured out how to make sticky web substance and they’re called web shooters. So it’s more like the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' comic book than the Tobey Maguire [movie] or the new 'Amazing Spider-Man' or anything like that." Huh, guess no one told him that Andrew Garfield's live action take on the iconic Marvel character WILL include web shooters!

Regardless, Drake then went on say that while he's enjoyed his time voicing the animated version of Spider-Man, his role in comedy Superhero Movie gave him a taste of what it would be like to play a superhero on the big screen in live action. "I love comic books. I love superheroes. I did ‘Superhero Movie’ years ago... it’s fun. I would love to do that again in a serious role that was all slap stick comedy." Would you like to see the actor take on a "serious" superhero role? Sound off with your thoughts below.

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