Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kirsten Dunst And Tobey Maguire Wanted Cameos In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Reboot

The quirky beauty says that both she and Tobey had hoped to make a cameo in Sony's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise but the top Execs at Sony were having none of it.

“I wanted to do a cameo,” explains Kirsten.

“I had the idea of Tobey and I as extras and we’d just walk by in the background but it’s not in there. I love Andrew Garfield and I think Emma Stone (who plays love interest Gwen Stacey) is cute too. I think that they’re going to be really cute in the movie for sure. They look like they have good chemistry.”

Romantic chemistry is a key focal point of the Spider-Man franchise in drawing in audience members that aren't necessarily fans of the old web-head. While a lot of things can be said about the original movie, from praise to criticism, Tobey and Kirsten definitely had chemistry. Hopefully Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will bring their real life romantic chemistry to the big screen and deliver the best Spider-Man movie yet.

Source: Showbiz Spy

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