Thursday, January 26, 2012

New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Trailer Next Month!

NOTE FROM GOBBIE: I am sorry I haven't been posting on this site as much as I should. But I'll try to swing(pun?) back into action whenever I get the chance to! So anyways, here's a big scoop I wanna bring up for all you webheads!

Promoting Battleground, an original scripted Hulu series, executive producer and The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb discussed both projects. Exceptionally commenting on shooting his "untold" Spidey story in real 3-D, via Collider, in addition to when to expect an all-new trailer, read the interview excerpt below!

You joked about too many superhero movies. Do you feel like you’re part of the problem now?
"No, I’m really excited for The Amazing Spider-Man to come out."

When can we expect to see a new trailer?
"Soon. Within the next month."

How wonderful was it to have the technology from 3eality to shoot with?
"We shot with the 3eality rigs. It was great. It’s a different format, but it was really, really wonderful. And for Spider-Man, I think that’s an important thing."

For the full interview, make the jump and head over to Collider!

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